Georgia: Just drinks, she was a peach

Background: Met on Match about a week ago. Sent a few messages back and forth, exchanged numbers and finally set up a first date for last night. Originally it was supposed to be just drinks until about 7:30. I offered to make it dinner since we would have enough time, but then she changed the end time to 6:30 because she had to pick her kids up earlier. Did I have my doubts about the reason for the time change? Of course, but I didn’t stress out about it because I have no reason not to trust her yet. Leading up to the date, I heard from her sporadically. Not as much as I normally feel comfortable with, but maybe that’s just the way she is, and doesn’t like texting much or isn’t a very chatty person.

The Date: I arrived a little before 4:30 and texted her that I would be waiting for her at the bar. Earlier, I went to pull up her Match profile to brush up on some basics and look at her pictures again to make sure I recognized her when she walked in. That is when I noticed she had hidden her profile, so I was unable to check anything out and was only able to see her main profile image. About 5 minutes later she walked in. It was easy to recognize her because she looked almost exactly like her picture. Thank god! What a relief! I stood and greeted her with a light hug.

We each ordered a beer and began talking. We covered each other’s jobs in depth, transitioned into kids and family. We even discussed our ex’s a little bit but tried to avoid too much of that on the first date, trying to avoid too much negativity. Everything went smooth and there weren’t any awkward silences or moments. We ordered a second beer and continued. She had a very beautiful smile, which seemed to be permanently attached, most likely due to a combination of nerves and enjoyment. Or so I would hope.

She did excuse herself to use the restroom at one point, so of course I had to check out her body. I didn’t make an attempt when she walked in because I didn’t want that to be her first impression of me – checking out her body. She’s about 5’6″ with a toned body, wearing a business pants suit and works as an analytical number cruncher. She had nice legs, a very nice butt, an average chest and was very attractive overall (rate: 7-8).

The only possibly contentious moment came when she broached the topic of her religion and beliefs. She was worried I would be turned off by it, since apparently other guys have been. Or that I would say it is OK now, but tell her later after the date that it bothered me. She seemed unwilling to accept that I was genuinely OK with it because I grew up in a very religious family. It honestly didn’t bother me. It took a little convincing but she finally accepted my position on the matter.

Before we new it, it was already after her deadline of 6:30. It was a good sign that she was involved enough to not be checking her watch waiting for the date to be over. When I went to pay for the drinks, she attempted to pay or split the bill. I declined. She put up a little bit of a tussle and then said she would pay during the next date. I scoffed and said “we’ll see”, but did play on her saying there would be another date. We both quickly and emphatically agreed that we would both like to see each other again.

I walked her to her car where we hugged (much more intimately than the initial hug when the date started). We chatted about trying to work out a future date but couldn’t find a reasonably quick time to see each other again. So we just said we’d play it by ear. We hugged again, intimately, lingering for a moment and she entered her car and left. Halfway home, I received a very sweet text message thanking me for a surprisingly nice evening, and she couldn’t wait to do it again.

Post date: Since the date, I have heard much more from her and she has been much more revealing with me. A big step in just 24 hours. Even though she has her kids this weekend, she is trying to find a way to make a window of time for us to get together this weekend. Things are looking promising at this point.

Grade: A

Check back periodically for further updates.

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