Coming soon: new dates & REWIND posts of past dates

Good morning! Thanks for reading. Just a few updates to expect in the next few days:

I will be adding new posts for some recent dates with new girls (Hermione and Irene). And I will also start working on adding posts for past dates going back to the first of the year. This will be called the REWIND series, since it will be posts of old dates, none of which are current relationships, starting with Fiona and going back to Abigail.

I recently added a DATES page to keep track of past dates in a simple format for you to go back and read about them without having to scroll through the whole blog log.

Please remember all names are fictitious to keep the real names anonymous, and they are in alphabetical order, just like the list of hurricanes each year. So the names are not similar in any way to the real names.

And if there are any other updates, topics or other things you would like to see, please drop a line or leave a comment. Thanks again for reading!

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