Hermione: Not quite dressed to kill

Background: Met and talked on Match for a while. She said she was ending her profile soon and gave me her email address, where we did most of our communicating. The preliminary communication was not overly insightful. The initial connection was minimal, but there was one there, otherwise I wouldn’t have agreed to a date. Though, to be honest, she offered up any time over the weekend to go on a date, but I was really hoping for the chance to go on another date with Georgia again. That came the next day, and is a story for another time. I also had the potential for two other date options. We agreed to meet on a Friday night.

The Date: The plan was for dinner and just see where it went from there. I had an original plan of driving a to an area that had lots of trendy restaurants with some fun themes. But when I arrived at her house, it was clear I shouldn’t expect much from the evening.

She came out in a black t-shirt, poor fitting jean shorts, running shoes and her hair in a scraggly pony tail. I, however, was dressed in slacks and a button-up shirt. Needless to say it wasn’t the best first impression. She was an older lady by close to 10 years so I figured more effort and class out of her.

So with the chemistry already running dangerously low, I altered the dinner plans to a major chain restaurant that was closer by. The conversation was good. And she was a very attractive woman, both for her age and what she was wearing. She still is a competitive track athlete so her body is in incredible shape.

After dinner, we decided to walk around a local park and talk. She talked quite a bit about her ex’s (ex-husband, and recent ex-boyfriend who she said was very close to the love of her life) and we also shared many common stories dealing with our ex’s feelings on us dating post-divorce. We ran into one of her former students (yes, she is a high school teacher also) who is now in his 20s, which brought up the subject of one of her other students. This student had contacted her on Facebook and wanted to meet up with her because he was in town visiting on the next day after our date (Saturday). She was trying to talk herself out of the notion that he was trying to hookup with his former teacher. But the more she went into the story, it was really hard for me to dismiss his intentions as being anything but a college kid’s fantasy to hookup with one of his hot former teachers.

There was also very little physical contact and really not flirtation from her. When we stopped at times, I would make contact with her to gauge her reaction. Nothing promising. So once it got dark we headed back to her place. We lingered in the car for a while talking. She didn’t seem eager to rush right out of the car. But eventually it came time for her to leave, and we exchanged a short kiss goodnight. As she left, neither of us promised future contact or false hopes of another date. But no one said we wouldn’t either, but it was most likely understood.

Post date: I have not yet heard from her since the date, nor have I really had the inclination to attempt to contact her either. Nor do I expect to hear from her in the future either.

Grade: C+

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