Irene: Tall and blonde with all the right curves

Background: Another Match date which progressed faster than many other dates. We emailed briefly on the site, and transitioned to texting rather quickly. I find I like moving on to texting and calling much faster now. Emailing through dating sites just seems so cold and takes forever. Match email can take as long s 30 minutes from the time it is sent to the time the recipient is notified, but I’m getting sidetracked.

There was definitely a good connection and her pictures were very nice and she looked very attractive. This, however, caused a bit of concern because there have been too many times where I got burned with people looking a bit different than their pictures lead you to believe. The date came up on a spur of the moment suggestion after an early night with my friends. I was texting Irene all night and she was getting ready for bed. When she heard I was heading home early she asked if I wanted to get together, and I was definitely OK with it. So she got out of bed, put her make up on and got ready in a matter of 15-20 minutes. A definite bonus that she was willing to do that to meet with me for only a few hours.

The Date: Since it was approaching 11pm when we met, we just decided to meet at a bar located between us and have drinks and talk. She showed up less than 5 minutes after I did and it was easy to recognize her when she walked in. She was tall (but not taller than me), blonde and curvy. The good kind of curvy, not the fat kind of curvy. Apparently there are two definitions to what that means on dating sites. I’ve learned that the hard way. But she looked great – even with her hair in a ponytail (a nice one this time).

The conversation went smooth and fast. We were both laughing and there weren’t any awkward silences or moments.  We covered all sorts of topics, from jobs and ex’s to dating and what we were looking for from our dates. The connection we had emailing and texting definitely carried over throughout the date.

We closed down the bar and I walked her to her car. The conversation was still going and was still good. At her car, she was clearly not in a hurry to get in and go. So after a few more minutes of conversation, I moved in for the good night kiss. Even the kiss had a connection with it. It was good and prolonged, and after we stopped and talked a bit more, she moved in for more. So I think it was well received.

Post date: We texted each other when we got home and have continued texting and talking since. A follow-up date is definitely in the future, unless things with Georgia get too serious (but that is a dilemma for another post).

Grade: A

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