Fiona: She really works out, but it didn’t work out (Rewind)

Background: Another Match date that had a quick connection with us going from Match emails to texting to dating in a relatively quick fashion. Part of that seems to be the trend of girls on the site wanting to get right to that in-person event to see if there is any connection there. There seems to be a lot of connections that are made via emails that fizzle out in person. It makes sense. These quick turnaround dates also seem to favor simple happy hour or lunch get-togethers to limit the amount of time of the first, possibly awkward, encounter. So we decided to meet at a popular happy hour bar not too far from her work.

The Date: We met at the bar for some drinks and snacks. I was only a few minutes late because I had to drive almost completely to the other side of town right in the middle of rush hour. So, the odds were against me. We started off talking at the bar and then moved upstairs onto the roof where they have more tables and a bar.

She was very beautiful in her summer dress with her hair in a pony tail because she worked out in the gym over lunch. She was about 5’9″ in heels.

She works out more than most men and has the body of a bodybuilder without actually lifting competitively. She is about 120 lbs of muscle and is very sexy about showing it off. She shared several pictures showing off her back and legs muscles, while also showing me her tattoos.

The conversation went well, though I was a little more shy than usual. I was so concerned about impressing her that it actually caused me to seem nervous around her. But I wasn’t I really enjoyed being around her. There definitely seemed to be some sort of chemistry and we started talking about making other plans. The date came to an end because she said she had to be home when her son got home from his after school job. I walked her to her car and we had a good, meaningful hug goodnight.

Post date: We talked regularly and the date didn’t seem to change our talking habits or our chemistry. She was however obsessed with asking me to send pictures of my “junk”, which I never did because it just seemed creepy. I tried to play it into something suggestive by saying if she really wanted to see it, she just needed to let me know when and where to meet her and she could see it. It never went anywhere, nor did I expect it to.

Then I went out of town one weekend. While away, I was planning to visit some high school friends that Friday night, and she said she had plans with high school friends too. We playfully talked about drunk dialing each other later in the night and having fun together on the phone. As it turned out, I didn’t go out that night because plans changed. I texted her that I was staying in, but didn’t hear anything back from her.

The next morning I woke up and saw that I had a text message from her – timestamped about 2:45am. Saying that she had met someone and wanted to see where it went, and that we couldn’t talk anymore.

My advice is to tell someone you’re not going to see them anymore BEFORE you hookup with someone else, not immediately after. Just saying.

So that was it. Until a few weeks later ….

Grade: B

2 thoughts on “Fiona: She really works out, but it didn’t work out (Rewind)”

  1. In her defense (I can’t excuse the request for the “junk” photos, however) sometimes you don’t know who you’re going to want to take a shot with. I’ve continued to talk to guys that I wasn’t sure about, until I became sure about someone, then I told them.
    If there isn’t a relationship declaration and you’re not sleeping with any of them, I don’t see that it’s wrong….
    The photo request, just scheezy…

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