My Take: Women show true colors with DadBod debate

DiCaprio's Dadbod

I find this new “DadBod” (Dad Body) phenomenon intriguing. It is something that hits close to home and I finally started to feel good about myself because I don’t have the body I did when I was 25. I’m over 40 and my defined 20-something body has faded into a softer version of its former self and I have added 4 inches on my waist since I turned 21. In no way am I fat, or would I consider my self fat or out of shape, but I don’t look as good as I used to.

Then this “DadBod” thing came along.

I have been totally onboard for the media to portray the female body in a more realistic way, and not just the Victoria’s Secret supermodel type. And as an older guy, I totally feel the average woman’s pain when the media says the the male body should have large arms, a six-pack and the pelvic V-shape.

Then this “DadBod” thing came along.

Seeing several stories talking about the new focus on the softer male body, and not the muscle-head look, sparked a fire of hope that my assets would now be more in demand than they were last Summer. Ladies man Leonardo DiCaprio was the poster boy for the “DabBod” movement and I thought this “DadBod” thing could really gain traction.

Then I read the comments.

Wow! Talk about a kick in the nuts! Easily 90-99% of the women commenting were trashing the “DadBod”, saying the only reason guys like Leo and Jason Segal get hot girls is because they are rich, and reinforcing they want the meathead-body look.

So, real women – or at least those who post on social media – want the superficial male body, but condemn men for wanting the supermodels; believe the only way an attractive woman would go for a guy with a “DadBod” is because he has lots of money; and show exactly how shallow they really are. I’d like to think this was only a small sampling of the female population, but there were thousands and thousands of comments against it, and you know they say that for every comment on social media, approximately 1,000 other people share that opinion. So that would translate to millions of women sharing this opinion.

So, if you think the only reason an attractive woman would be interested in a man with a “DadBod” is because he’s rich and famous, then I no longer hold sympathy for you when you complain about guys comparing your average body to Victoria’s Secret models.

But then again, it amazes me how eager and willing women are to body shame each other, so them trying to body shame men is just the next step I guess.

Maybe I’m wrong and reading too much into these comments generated by stories about the “popularity of the DadBod.”

Well, I need to stop writing and get back to doing more pushups, crunches, planks and burpees.

As always, thanks for reading!

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