Phoebe: Hello tall nurse

If you want to judge that I’m already dating (what you think might be) so soon after breaking up with Olive, go ahead. I’ll sleep just fine knowing I hung onto a dead relationship for months hoping to see signs of life. But now it’s time to move on and live my life.

The first opportunity I had was with a tall blonde nurse, Phoebe. She is one of the few girls I’ve dated who is actually older than me, and she is also one of the more attractive ones. Did I mention she was tall? She’s 5’11 which is the absolute max for any girl I date. Remember, I don’t date girls taller than me and in heels she’ll be right at my height.

We talked for a few days before setting up a time to actually meet. We opted to meet at a Starbucks located between us on a Saturday morning. There was a little corner blocked off by the counter with two really nice padded high-back chairs. It was a cozy little setting to just sit and talk.

The conversation was very easy and natural, and no awkward silences. Before we knew it, it was time to wrap it up because we both had other plans set for the afternoon. As we said goodbye, she initiated the hug – which was a pleasant surprise – and we both went our ways. Less than 30 minutes later she texted me thanking me for getting together, coincidentally as I was typing a similar text to her. I told her I would like to see her again, if she was interested. And we talked every day for a while via text and even a few phone calls.

She doesn’t have a lot of time to talk – as a nurse – due to the fact that she works for a short-staffed state prison hospital. She works lots of 12-hour days and 60-70 hour weeks. She has two adopted boys from her marriage. I don’t know why she didn’t have kids of her own, I didn’t ask.

She went out of town a while ago and we didn’t talk for a few days. Then after she got back talking was very sporadic, and again, it ended up feeling like she was only talking to me in response to messages I sent her. We’ve talked about this before. It’s been a few days since I’ve heard from her, so at this point I’m guessing talking to me isn’t on her to-do list, so I’m pretty sure that’s where this one ends.

If something changes, I’ll be sure to let you know. Otherwise, stay tuned for more dating adventures or mis-adventures. There are few blips on the radar, so maybe I’ll have something more interesting to post soon.

Thanks for reading!!

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