Staci Update: Making Strides But The Big Test Could Be Right Around the Corner

A little over a month (and 5 dates) later, things are seemingly progressing well with Staci. Maybe the gamble is working after all. And I think it’s time to update you all on our progress, especially after throwing out a big relationship test last night.

Since my last update, we’ve been out to see “Ted 2”, she came over to my house to watch “Guardians of the Galaxy” and last night we went to a baseball game.

We didn’t do anything together over the 4th of July weekend because she already had plans to spend the weekend with girlfriends in Chicago, while I had plans to visit my brother in Dallas. That weekend trip went a lot better than the other one she took about a month ago, because this time I heard from her regularly – quite often actually.

Everything is going very well. She is almost as physically affectionate as I am. Lots of hand-holding, arms around the waist, and lots of random kissing. No making out in public, just kissing. But the “goodnight kisses” do tend to last quite a while.

And No, the evening at my house watching the movie did not end in sex. That is about the only part lacking of this whole thing.

However, a few significant events did occur last night during the baseball game. We talked quite a bit throughout the night. We only sat at our seats briefly a few times. It was raining most of the night so we decided to walk the concourse going from bar to bar inside the stadium. Today she even mentioned how much she liked that I was actually paying more attention to her than the game. Well, duh. That’s a pretty easy decision to make.

At one of the bars, we ran into two of her co-workers. She introduced me to them and I also met their wives. So, today at her office, whatever secret I may have been is out of the bag. She has also been hearing from the wives (who also happened to mention they thought I was cute) today for more details. So I guess, now, in the eyes of her co-workers, we are now an item.

But the real interesting part came when I asked her about this weekend. It is a total longshot, but I also look at it as a possible litmus test on where things stand.

I am going up to my parents’ this weekend to see my son for his birthday. As fate would have it, the concert I have been waiting for all year is also there this weekend. I already have a few friends lined up to go with me, but I wanted Staci to go as well.

I know we may not be at the “meeting parents and kids” stage yet but I still wanted her to go. I had brought it up once before a couple of weeks ago, but decided to broach the subject again at the game.

I did preface it by saying I knew it was a longshot, and was totally expecting “No” to be the answer, but wanted to ask anyway because I’d kick myself if I didn’t ask, only to find out later she would’ve said  “Yes.” Knowing she probably wouldn’t go with me on Friday, she’d likely have to drive herself on Saturday. Keep in mind it is a 4+-hour drive to where my parents live. But I offered to not only buy her ticket but to arrange for a place (hotel) for her/us to stay at up there.

She said she really wanted to go but would have to think about it because she had already committed to another event with some of her friends, but said I was more important. Again, she said I was more important. I kind of tried to brush it off, but she insisted that I was definitely more important.

So, now we wait and see. Either she says “No”, which I am expecting – and I wouldn’t blame her – or she says “Yes” and goes up with me Friday night or drives herself Saturday. Not to put too much weight on it, but that could be a totally redefining moment for the relationship. Going away somewhere for the weekend, even without meeting my parents, is a major step.

We’ll see if we actually take that step or not, but I’m really hoping we do.

Please share your thoughts, questions and opinions here. And as always, thanks for reading!

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