Staci Update: She said Yes to the weekend getaway

Today I got a little surprising news. Staci said Yes to going with me this weekend up to my parents’ for the concert. As I mentioned before, I was expecting her to say No. I can totally see that it would possibly be a big step for any relationship.

This morning she said she wanted to talk about this weekend later today. The key was noticing she ended text with a “:)”.

Then she was talking about having issues with her dog that might interfere with her being able to go. That was my second hint she was planning on going. So I said I would make sure the hotel we stayed at was pet friendly. She seemed really appreciative of that.

But it wasn’t until this evening that she called and actually confirmed she wanted to go this weekend. She decided she wanted to ride up with me Friday night, instead of driving herself. She is totally OK with me leaving her alone while I celebrate my son’s birthday Saturday.

But now that I have set up everything, my plan was we would spend the weekend at the hotel together. My thought process is that I don’t see someone committing to taking a road trip with someone – in this type of situation – without assuming we would be staying together. But that’s just me. If I stay at my parents’ and she’s in a hotel, I will barely get to see her and spend time with her, which kind of defeats the point. Right?

I guess we’ll see what happens.  And of course, I’ll keep you updated.

Ladies, what would you expect from taking a road trip with your new man, especially if you haven’t had sex yet?

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