Staci Update: Dinner at her place, I’m meeting her best friend

I got an unexpected text from Staci last night. We were chatting/texting after we both got off work – like usual. I was wanting to talk to her about possible plans to get together this weekend. But before I could get around to it, she sent me this:

“You’re coming over for dinner tomorrow, 7:30”

OK, then. Totally out of the blue. Cuts through the chase. Agressive. I love it.

The next twist also addressed something I had been wondering about recently. Staci is really hard to read – as I’ve mentioned. I know she talked about me briefly at work with some co-workers, but that was mainly because we ran into them. So after finally taking a road trip together, I was wondering if she actually had talked to her friends about me (and what did she say?).

Then she texted me that we would be joined by her best friend, Amy, and Amy’s boyfriend.

I guess that answers that question. Not only does she apparently talk to her best friend about me, but I’m being introduced to her in a private little dinner at Staci’s house.

No pressure. Right? Well, I’ll let you know how it goes. 

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