Staci Update: Dinner, meeting her best friend not what I was expecting

Last night, meeting Staci’s best friend Amy (and Amy’s boyfriend Jack) was good but definitely didn’t go the way I would’ve expected it to.

They day was filled with lots of questions about the dinner plans and such. They were planning on making salmon for us. Staci knew I didn’t like fish. But I said I would be OK with the salmon. Later, she asked me to bring my dog over to play with her dog since they made friends during our trip to the concert. The funny thing was, I had thought about asking her about bringing my dog but wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate.

Jack and I arrived at Staci’s at the same time. The girls were almost done with preparing dinner. Staci was making daiquiris while Amy was finishing up the broccoli pasta. That’s when Staci mentioned she was making me brats since I didn’t like fish. I emphatically insisted that wasn’t necessary and I would be fine with the salmon. I felt rather uncomfortable being singled out with something special to eat.

But I ate a brat because she made it and then she asked me to try her salmon. I emphasized I would have been totally fine with the salmon. I’m not sure how it ended up this way, but we were sitting at her bar in the kitchen eating. I was sitting next to Jack, he was sitting next to Staci and then Amy was on the other end. It seemed really odd.

Now to Amy … she’s wild. That’s one way to describe her. She’s loud, mouthy, and doesn’t hesitate to talk about sexual things or turn everything into sexual comment. She even made sure to make a comment while they were making dinner that it had been a year or so since Staci last had sex. I guess it kind of makes sense then that she’s a construction contractor who owns her own business. She definitely seems like a handful, as well as the type of girl who likes to go out with the full intent of flirting with every guy she sees at the bar just to have a cheap, good time.

Jack agreed that she is a handful. He’s a construction worker remodeling homes. He’s was a very easy-going country boy and it didn’t take long for us to make friends. Once, when the ladies were away, he mentioned what a wild, handful Amy is.

Jack and Amy were all over each other most of the night. Like, almost uncomfortably affectionate with each other. And all night Amy kept spouting off about wanting to play Naked Twister. Staci and I were much more reserved. There was plenty of kissing and hand-holding. We even we out to sit on her deck and shared a seat, holding each other, talking and kissing all night. Jack and Amy were a bit more amorous, though they have only been dating a few more weeks than we have.

Staci and I found time alone as well. We talked about how I didn’t like the fact that my “Summer Vacation” was running out of time. It has gone by so quickly. We talked about the fact that I wanted to maximize my time with her during the remainder of the time I had, and she seemed very interested in the idea. However, getting penciled in on her calendar isn’t as easy as it sounds. Amy and Staci already have plans for going to the lake this Saturday. Jack isn’t going either. They like to have a lot of girl outings apparently. They also have a few concerts planned, on top of going out seemingly every night for drinks. I’m not exaggerating. It seems like they are out almost every night at a bar somewhere.

The evening went great. But there weren’t a lot of probing questions into my background or intentions. We just talked about random stuff. I expected more of an interrogation. But it must’ve gone well. Amy wanted us to all go out on another double-date tonight to see one of her favorite local bands play. When I left, it was all set. I left around midnight, just as Jack and Amy were leaving. Our goodbye was sweet, intimate and lingering.

Then this morning when I got up, I got a text from Staci. She said she told Amy that she was cancelling for tonight. She said she wanted to catch up on sleep tonight and was late for work while still recovering from last night. We did have about 4-5 pitchers of daiquiris between us last night. I was more than a little bummed that she cancelled. I was really looking forward to seeing her back-to-back nights. She apologized for cancelling and I said she could make it up to me.

But now I have that lingering feeling about what will really go on tonight. Will she actually stay home? I have a gut feeling that she will still go out tonight. I really hope not. One of the best things about Staci so far, is that every time I get a gut feeling that something is up – based on past experiences – she does something to emphatically prove me wrong. I am so glad I keep all of these negative thoughts to myself and don’t verbalize them or act on them in any way.

But we shall see. I am also interested to see what she does about planning for us to get together this weekend. I am not going to push the issue. I hate to play games like this, but I kind of want to see how she rebounds from cancelling our plans for tonight.

Stay tuned for more, and please let me know if you think I should add a podcast to this blog. And as always, thanks for reading.

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