Staci, Amy wanted me to go out with their friend tonight – alone

I really hope I can adequately describe what happened last night. It was kind of odd, and I have never dealt with something like that before so I wasn’t exactly sure how to handle it.

Staci spent all day (yesterday) at the lake partying with Amy and some other friends. After they got back to their room, I was talking to Staci as they were all getting ready before they went out for dinner.

A little while later, she texted me, mentioning that another one of their friends (Lilly) who was still back here in town was bored and looking for something to do because she was bummed her friends were all out of town this weekend. She asked me if I would be interested in hanging out with her (Lilly). Staci made sure to emphasize that it wasn’t a date, but since we were both back here alone we could hang out together and grab a drink or go to a movie. She even sent me her phone number so I could call or text her.

What? Seriously? Is this a trap? Does this not seem a little odd to anyone else, or was it just me?

I mentioned my reservations about it, and she said both her and Amy discussed it before mentioning it to me and didn’t think it was weird – even though they had to address the question of whether it was weird or not amongst themselves.

I wasn’t opposed to the idea, it was better than staying home all night. But it just sounded weird. So I called Staci to discuss it.

Basically I just said “Are we good?” I wanted to make sure this wasn’t one of those situations where she wasn’t really that into me, and was talking to Amy about it, and they both thought that I might be a good fit for their friend. She insisted that wasn’t the case at all and was quick to assure me that we were good. Then I mentioned that it would probably work better if she called Lilly first to talk things though, since they apparently hadn’t even talked to her about that yet. I’m not making first contact with a girl I have never met before to be like “hey, we both know the same people, so let’s go hang out tonight.” Talk about setting me up to be a total creeper.

A few minutes later Staci texted me that Lilly wasn’t feeling up to going out. Whew! I was off the hook!

We talked for a little while longer, but it was shortly after that that she went to bed and said she’d talk to me tomorrow/today. She didn’t mention one thing about us getting together today. However I only heard like two words from her all day. Seemed a little odd. Finally she texted me that she had been home for a little while and was getting ready to run errands before the stores closed (early on Sunday).

The upside was that we talked on the phone nearly the entire time she was running her errands. She mentioned that Jack and Amy invited us over to his place next Sunday to barbecue and hang out at his pool. So, I took that opportunity to ask about other possible times to get together, since she cancelled last Thursday and “ignored” today.

She said anytime I want to do something, come up with a plan and shoot it at her and she’ll let me know if she’s available. Then we had a fun little back and forth as I mentioned it works easier for me to know if she’s free and what timetable I’m working with so i can plan our activities accordingly. I’m not sure how it will all work out, but we’re making progress.

And the fact that my son comes back in about three weeks came up again. I am really dreading that, because I am not 100% certain how Staci will handle that.

She mentioned that Wednesday would work, but I mentioned that I was surprised Wednesday was open because one of her favorite bands is in town that day. She said she wanted to go but wasn’t 100% certain, but if it was a date-night thing, then she’d be all for going. Somehow I felt like I got suckered into that one.

So, with the door opened, I’m just going to flood the “reservation desk” with all sorts of requests and see how many I can get in before my son returns. I am also very curious to see if this whole “sex” thing will get resolved before then as well. Wish me luck!

Stayed tuned for more, and as always, thanks for reading.

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