Staci Update: Was that intentionally unintentional or unintentionally intentional?

I know some of you have been anxiously waiting for an update on whether I’d hear from Staci again or not.  Well, I did, but (maybe) I didn’t. 

I checked in at the airport, getting ready to head out of town for the holiday weekend. That’s when I noticed I had a missed call from Staci. No voicemail, no text, just a missed call. I waited to see if a follow up would come through via text or voicemail, but nothing did. 

So I texted her asking if she meant to call or if it was just an accident. She responded with a coup,e of apologies, supposedly not even realizing she did it. I told her it happens and there was no need to apologize. 

Then she asked how if I was doing and said she hoped I was doing good. I said I was fine, and that we were leaving for our trip today. We exchanged a few messages about her break from work and her upcoming trip.  I finally said I hoped she was doing well, too, and only got a đŸ™‚ in return. 

I contemplated making a few failry innocent comments to test the waters to see if there was anything more behind this supposed misdial. But I didn’t. Really no reason to. If there was something more, I shouldn’t have to pull it out of her. 

That’s where it ended. But I’m curious if there was something intentional about her missed called or if it was truly a mistake. I’m not going to lose any sleep over this. And I sure won’t attempt to contact her again. 

But I guess we’ll see if this is truly where it ends. I thought it ended on that Tuesday. 

We shall see, and as always, thanks for reading!

[posted from the airport while waiting for my delayed flight. Great job Spirit Airlines. ]

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