I am a single father – with custody – back in the dating game.  I am about 40 years old, tall with a slender to athletic build, a former service member who recently retired, I’ve been married twice and have two boys. One (my youngest) lives with me full time and visits his mom, while my oldest lives out of state with his mom. All of these factors have all provided unique challenges in the dating realm that I never anticipated. Needless to say, the last six months have been very interesting, so I decided to share my journey with you.

Here, I will share details about dates and relationships, as well as discuss dating trends and issues. Just because I don’t want anyone getting their feelings hurt if they read this, all names will be changed and locations generalized. Trust me, you’ll still get all the details you’ll ever want and need. And to keep things simple, the lady’s names are renamed in order alphabetically (A, B, C …) to make keeping track of them easier, and are uncommon female names that I most likely will not run into in real life. For instance, date #1: Abigail, #2: Beatrice, #3: Constance, etc. It’s kind of like when they name hurricanes every year.

If there is anything you want to see, want me to discuss or cover, please let me know. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for joining me on this ride!

– Dad

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I just found this and started reading an then it just ended… poof! It’s like you ghosted… but I need to know what happened with Olive!

    1. I apologize! It really didn’t seem like too many people were interested anymore once I actually got into a serious dating situation. I’ll put up another post today with updates. Thank you for reading and letting me know you wanted to read more.

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