Irene: Tall and blonde with all the right curves

Background: Another Match date which progressed faster than many other dates. We emailed briefly on the site, and transitioned to texting rather quickly. I find I like moving on to texting and calling much faster now. Emailing through dating sites just seems so cold and takes forever. Match email can take as long s 30 minutes from the time it is sent to the time the recipient is notified, but I’m getting sidetracked.

There was definitely a good connection and her pictures were very nice and she looked very attractive. This, however, caused a bit of concern because there have been too many times where I got burned with people looking a bit different than their pictures lead you to believe. The date came up on a spur of the moment suggestion after an early night with my friends. I was texting Irene all night and she was getting ready for bed. When she heard I was heading home early she asked if I wanted to get together, and I was definitely OK with it. So she got out of bed, put her make up on and got ready in a matter of 15-20 minutes. A definite bonus that she was willing to do that to meet with me for only a few hours.

The Date: Since it was approaching 11pm when we met, we just decided to meet at a bar located between us and have drinks and talk. She showed up less than 5 minutes after I did and it was easy to recognize her when she walked in. She was tall (but not taller than me), blonde and curvy. The good kind of curvy, not the fat kind of curvy. Apparently there are two definitions to what that means on dating sites. I’ve learned that the hard way. But she looked great – even with her hair in a ponytail (a nice one this time).

The conversation went smooth and fast. We were both laughing and there weren’t any awkward silences or moments.  We covered all sorts of topics, from jobs and ex’s to dating and what we were looking for from our dates. The connection we had emailing and texting definitely carried over throughout the date.

We closed down the bar and I walked her to her car. The conversation was still going and was still good. At her car, she was clearly not in a hurry to get in and go. So after a few more minutes of conversation, I moved in for the good night kiss. Even the kiss had a connection with it. It was good and prolonged, and after we stopped and talked a bit more, she moved in for more. So I think it was well received.

Post date: We texted each other when we got home and have continued texting and talking since. A follow-up date is definitely in the future, unless things with Georgia get too serious (but that is a dilemma for another post).

Grade: A

Hermione: Not quite dressed to kill

Background: Met and talked on Match for a while. She said she was ending her profile soon and gave me her email address, where we did most of our communicating. The preliminary communication was not overly insightful. The initial connection was minimal, but there was one there, otherwise I wouldn’t have agreed to a date. Though, to be honest, she offered up any time over the weekend to go on a date, but I was really hoping for the chance to go on another date with Georgia again. That came the next day, and is a story for another time. I also had the potential for two other date options. We agreed to meet on a Friday night.

The Date: The plan was for dinner and just see where it went from there. I had an original plan of driving a to an area that had lots of trendy restaurants with some fun themes. But when I arrived at her house, it was clear I shouldn’t expect much from the evening.

She came out in a black t-shirt, poor fitting jean shorts, running shoes and her hair in a scraggly pony tail. I, however, was dressed in slacks and a button-up shirt. Needless to say it wasn’t the best first impression. She was an older lady by close to 10 years so I figured more effort and class out of her.

So with the chemistry already running dangerously low, I altered the dinner plans to a major chain restaurant that was closer by. The conversation was good. And she was a very attractive woman, both for her age and what she was wearing. She still is a competitive track athlete so her body is in incredible shape.

After dinner, we decided to walk around a local park and talk. She talked quite a bit about her ex’s (ex-husband, and recent ex-boyfriend who she said was very close to the love of her life) and we also shared many common stories dealing with our ex’s feelings on us dating post-divorce. We ran into one of her former students (yes, she is a high school teacher also) who is now in his 20s, which brought up the subject of one of her other students. This student had contacted her on Facebook and wanted to meet up with her because he was in town visiting on the next day after our date (Saturday). She was trying to talk herself out of the notion that he was trying to hookup with his former teacher. But the more she went into the story, it was really hard for me to dismiss his intentions as being anything but a college kid’s fantasy to hookup with one of his hot former teachers.

There was also very little physical contact and really not flirtation from her. When we stopped at times, I would make contact with her to gauge her reaction. Nothing promising. So once it got dark we headed back to her place. We lingered in the car for a while talking. She didn’t seem eager to rush right out of the car. But eventually it came time for her to leave, and we exchanged a short kiss goodnight. As she left, neither of us promised future contact or false hopes of another date. But no one said we wouldn’t either, but it was most likely understood.

Post date: I have not yet heard from her since the date, nor have I really had the inclination to attempt to contact her either. Nor do I expect to hear from her in the future either.

Grade: C+

Coming soon: new dates & REWIND posts of past dates

Good morning! Thanks for reading. Just a few updates to expect in the next few days:

I will be adding new posts for some recent dates with new girls (Hermione and Irene). And I will also start working on adding posts for past dates going back to the first of the year. This will be called the REWIND series, since it will be posts of old dates, none of which are current relationships, starting with Fiona and going back to Abigail.

I recently added a DATES page to keep track of past dates in a simple format for you to go back and read about them without having to scroll through the whole blog log.

Please remember all names are fictitious to keep the real names anonymous, and they are in alphabetical order, just like the list of hurricanes each year. So the names are not similar in any way to the real names.

And if there are any other updates, topics or other things you would like to see, please drop a line or leave a comment. Thanks again for reading!

Georgia: Just drinks, she was a peach

Background: Met on Match about a week ago. Sent a few messages back and forth, exchanged numbers and finally set up a first date for last night. Originally it was supposed to be just drinks until about 7:30. I offered to make it dinner since we would have enough time, but then she changed the end time to 6:30 because she had to pick her kids up earlier. Did I have my doubts about the reason for the time change? Of course, but I didn’t stress out about it because I have no reason not to trust her yet. Leading up to the date, I heard from her sporadically. Not as much as I normally feel comfortable with, but maybe that’s just the way she is, and doesn’t like texting much or isn’t a very chatty person.

The Date: I arrived a little before 4:30 and texted her that I would be waiting for her at the bar. Earlier, I went to pull up her Match profile to brush up on some basics and look at her pictures again to make sure I recognized her when she walked in. That is when I noticed she had hidden her profile, so I was unable to check anything out and was only able to see her main profile image. About 5 minutes later she walked in. It was easy to recognize her because she looked almost exactly like her picture. Thank god! What a relief! I stood and greeted her with a light hug.

We each ordered a beer and began talking. We covered each other’s jobs in depth, transitioned into kids and family. We even discussed our ex’s a little bit but tried to avoid too much of that on the first date, trying to avoid too much negativity. Everything went smooth and there weren’t any awkward silences or moments. We ordered a second beer and continued. She had a very beautiful smile, which seemed to be permanently attached, most likely due to a combination of nerves and enjoyment. Or so I would hope.

She did excuse herself to use the restroom at one point, so of course I had to check out her body. I didn’t make an attempt when she walked in because I didn’t want that to be her first impression of me – checking out her body. She’s about 5’6″ with a toned body, wearing a business pants suit and works as an analytical number cruncher. She had nice legs, a very nice butt, an average chest and was very attractive overall (rate: 7-8).

The only possibly contentious moment came when she broached the topic of her religion and beliefs. She was worried I would be turned off by it, since apparently other guys have been. Or that I would say it is OK now, but tell her later after the date that it bothered me. She seemed unwilling to accept that I was genuinely OK with it because I grew up in a very religious family. It honestly didn’t bother me. It took a little convincing but she finally accepted my position on the matter.

Before we new it, it was already after her deadline of 6:30. It was a good sign that she was involved enough to not be checking her watch waiting for the date to be over. When I went to pay for the drinks, she attempted to pay or split the bill. I declined. She put up a little bit of a tussle and then said she would pay during the next date. I scoffed and said “we’ll see”, but did play on her saying there would be another date. We both quickly and emphatically agreed that we would both like to see each other again.

I walked her to her car where we hugged (much more intimately than the initial hug when the date started). We chatted about trying to work out a future date but couldn’t find a reasonably quick time to see each other again. So we just said we’d play it by ear. We hugged again, intimately, lingering for a moment and she entered her car and left. Halfway home, I received a very sweet text message thanking me for a surprisingly nice evening, and she couldn’t wait to do it again.

Post date: Since the date, I have heard much more from her and she has been much more revealing with me. A big step in just 24 hours. Even though she has her kids this weekend, she is trying to find a way to make a window of time for us to get together this weekend. Things are looking promising at this point.

Grade: A

Check back periodically for further updates.

Welcome to my dating journey!

I am a single father – with custody – back in the dating game.  I am about 40 years old, a former service member who recently retired, I’ve been married twice and have two boys. One (my youngest) lives with me full time and visits his mom, while my oldest lives out of state with his mom. All of these factors have all provided unique challenges in the dating realm that I never anticipated. Needless to say, the last six months have been very interesting, so I decided to share my journey with you.

Here, I will share details about dates and relationships, as well as discuss dating trends and issues. Just because I don’t have anyone getting their feelings hurt if they read this, all names will be changed and locations will be generalized. Trust me, you’ll still get all the details you’ll ever want and need. And to keep things simple, the lady’s names are renamed in order alphabetically (A, B, C …) to make keeping track of them easier, and are uncommon female names that I most likely will not run into in real life. For instance, date #1: Abigail, #2: Beatrice, #3: Constance, etc.

If there is anything you want to see, want me to discuss or cover, please let me know. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for joining me on this ride!

– Dad